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Bountiful Travel brings you LDS Singles cruises and tours. We do two or three singles cruises/tours every year. This year we will be doing a Western Caribbean/Book of Mormon Cruise and an Israel Tour. To see a full list of our upcoming singles cruises, click here or on the schedule link above. For a list of non-singles, LDS tours and cruises, see Bountiful Travel’s website by clicking here.

Traveling as a singles group is a great way to make friends. All of our singles cruises and tours have hosts and many of them have speakers or entertainers with the group as well. This ensures a fun-filled week with activities, presentations and excursions. By booking with Bountiful Travel, you will have the option of attending all our onboard activities as well as joining the singles group on our private excursions.

LDS standards in dress and behavior are expected on our tours and cruises.

Our hope is to provide a wholesome environment for LDS singles wishing to travel together. Because of this, LDS standards are expected when participating in our singles tours and cruises. Please no drinking, no immorality, no grinding on the dance floor, and no immodest clothing (especially watch the evening wear and swimsuits). Please only book our tours and cruises if you are desirous to be with a group that values these standards.

You must book your cruise through Bountiful Travel in order to participate in our singles activities, shore excursions and dine with the group.

Do you already have a singles group? If you already have a singles group and would like to put a cruise together for your group, you can cruise free if your group is large enough. email or call for more details.

If you are interested in an LDS tour or cruise not for singles, click on the images below or go to,

Groups: Do you have a group of family, friends or work associates looking to cruise. We have experience booking groups and would like to help you book your group cruise or tour. We can arrange for them to be guided or non-guided groups. Let us help you find the best deal available for your group! We specialize in arranging LDS guided tours and cruises to Israel and the Book of Mormon Lands regions but can book other regions as well.

Cruise Free: If you have a large group that would like to book into one of our already established groups, you can receive 1 free cruise rate for every 8 cabins you book with us.

Individual Bookings: If you are looking for a cruise other than what we offer in our groups, please call us and let us help book your cruise. If you book your Western Caribbean cruise or Cancun vacation through us, we can help arrange shore excursions to the ruins for you.

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